ComboFilter is an innovative technology that can help air pollution control equipment satisfying the stringent environment norms. Thermax installations in the industries have demonstrated excellent performance results in favorable capital, operation, and maintenance factors compared to other designs.
A ComboFilter is a combination of an Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) and a Bag House (BH) offering an advantage of agglomeration of particulate matter through electrostatic precipitation and further reduction of emission through the usage of filter means. Clients benefit by system augmentation in terms of cost saving (CAPEX), overcoming issues pertaining to lower pressure drop across the system, amongst many other distinctive advantages.
Several Industrial plants – Cement, Steel and Power Plants have installed and applied this Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) for older emission norms. The revised norms laid down by local legislative are getting stringent year-over-year. In addition, industries also have to deal with changes in input factors, capacity enhancement and business scale; which requires up-gradation of existing ESP. Installing new ESP has to deal with some challenges (i.e higher CAPEX,  limitations in space expansion, supporting frame at operating plant). To overcome these challenges Thermax offers Combofilter, a technology that will maximize efficiency and minimize CAPEX, by retrofitting few fields of the existed ESP to BH.
System Advantages:
  • Enables system upgrade that ensures compliance to revised stringent emission norms as low as 10mg/Nm3.
  • Delivers the benefit of pre-charging of dust particles with existing ESP fields and the balance is converted to Fabric Filter used as polishing system to achieve lower emission. The pre-charging helps agglomeration of dust and thus easy collection that reduces pressure drop across ComboFilter system.
  • Offers combined benefits of Fabric Filter and Electrostatic Precipitator that results into very less Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) emission.
  • Ensures optimum use of the allied system with minor modifications. The existing installation is fully used and no extra space or civil work is required and further there is no need to modify gas inlet and ducting.
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