Features & Benefits:
– Gear head accepts standard IEC and Nema Motors
– Critical dimensions are the same as other European manufacturers
– High ratio combination in double reductions
– Modular construction
– Oil seal in motor adaptor provides dry connection
– Versatile mounting
– Large bearings supporting first pinion
Lợi ích khi sử dụng:
– Easy Maintenance, Quicker replacement
– Fast & low cost motor replacement, readily available. Save Money!
– No modifications required when replacing existing gear units, easy swap out.
– Initial purchase price cost savings and Energy efficiency savings
– Fast build, Less down time.
– Enables motor replacement without oil spillage Zero Contamination
– Less Spare units, lower Inventory.
– Prolonged Motor Life

Hiển thị tất cả 6 kết quả

Series A – Compact Geared Motor

Series C – Helical worm geared motor

Series F – Shaft Mounted Helical geared motor

Series K – Helical bevel geared motor

Series M – Helical In line geared motor

Series PL – Planetary Geared Motor

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