Founded in 1903 by chemists Irving Bull and Alfred Roberts, Waltron has a long history of expertise in water chemistry management. The company started as an analytical and consulting laboratory in lower Manhattan in New York City – a perfect location to sample, analyze, and make recommendations for the boiler water of the many steamships that are called in to the major seaport there. In fact, Waltron pioneered the first modern boiler water treatment program, including the first nuclear water chemistry program on a commercial ship, and at one point had nearly half of the US merchant fleet under contract.

Waltron can design and produce a centralized water quality system to monitor all of the requirements of a power plant or fabricate the enclosure for a single instrument in an adverse environment. For instructions and systems Waltron provide complete support: technical manuals, analytical back- up, on-site training of staff, rapid response field service, and spare parts availability.

In 06/11/2017, ST officially became an authorized representative of Waltron in Vietnam.


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