Civil Work

INDURE has been executing multi-disciplinary projects on turnkey basis involving large civil construction works with consistent quality assurance, cost control and adherence to milestones in a safe environment as per the customer requirements. It has successfully executed more than 150,000 cubic metres of RCC work for a single project in record time.

With projects, qualified & experienced engineers, managers & a large work force, and offices all over India, INDURE has unmatched reach and expertise to undertake & manage construction activities of any magnitude anywhere in India. INDURE has successfully worked and executed large construction projects in the power sector for close to five decades. It has a proven record of working smoothly with many government / private agencies and labor organizations not only in India but also abroad.

Construction of large power projects is a complex undertakings, often involving dozens of subcontractors and suppliers, hundreds of workers, and millions of dollars in material, equipment, and services. Managing such operations demands high quality construction management something INDURE has provided for decades on projects big and small all over the country.

INDURE, over a period of time, has built in-house engineering and project management skills as well as necessary tools & equipment to execute civil works of any nature and size.

Today, INDURE is fully equipped and geared to undertake civil construction work of any nature and size to international standards not only for power projects but also for any other infrastructure projects. While we are competitive and cost conscious, we do not compromise on quality, safety and time management.

Construction Philosophy

INDURE provides value-added solutions for critical and complex construction works that focus on implementation of cost-effective construction methods by incorporating the latest trends in construction technology. INDURE’s construction philosophy is based on a number of priorities:

  • Being an end-to-end player in order to span the entire power plant construction industry value chain
  • Using latest construction technology and software tools to develop the optimal civil design and also to reduce construction time
  • Incorporating sustainable construction into the entire project lifecycle, offering distinctive, high value-added products and services
  • A commitment to employ health and safety measures with a single global standard: the “zero accident” objective

Construction Services for Power Plant

INDURE can design, engineer and execute civil construction works involving construction of:

  • TG building
  • Boiler house building
  • Coal handling plant with coal bunkers
  • Ash handling plant
  • Single or multi-flue chimney
  • Water treatment plant building
  • Induced draft cooling towers
  • Water reservoirs
  • Other plant buildings as part of our construction services portfolio

Our integrated construction capabilities span the entire spectrum of ‘concept to commission’ and with close to five decades of strong customer focused approach as well as an ongoing quest for high quality standards, we have developed expertise in engineering and construction of large power plants on turnkey basis and has already executed such works for 2×525 MW power plant.

INDURE has its own large fleet of sophisticated and specialized equipment like 150 MT crawler crane, concrete batching plant, JCB excavators, Hydra cranes etc. for speedy, high-quality and cost-effective construction.

For reference list of civil construction works, click here

RCC Chimney of 275 Meters Height

INDURE is among the few experienced civil contractors with in-house design and engineering know-how and construction capability for executing tall chimneys built with reinforced concrete.

The most common method adopted for the construction of an RCC outer shell is by using the ‘slip form method’. In this method the form work for the concrete literally slips up cm inch by cm inch to produce an integrated concrete column. Continuous pouring of concrete ensures a joint free construction.

The construction of a tall stack of over 200 meters is complicated because of many reasons.

  • The work has to be done at great height
  • The form work has to move continuously upward
  • The diameter of the form work has to change continuously
  • The gap between the inner and the outer form also has to change to accommodate the change in thickness of the shell
  • A complicated system of jacks and radial screws makes this possible in the “slip form method”

INDURE has rich experience of designing and constructing tall chimney with its construction equipment including slip form. Some of the recent references are:

  • 220 metres tall RCC chimney for 2×250 MW Chhabra Project in Rajasthan State
  • 220 metres tall RCC chimney for 1×250 MW Suratgarh Project in Rajasthan State
  • 275 metres tall RCC chimney with twin flue stack for 2×525 MW Monnet Power Project in Orissa State

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