Other Products

In addition to our line of analyzers, Waltron produces an array of products designed to meet specific needs. We can produce custom solutions to satisfy our customers’ individual situations.

Waltron, LLC has been the leader in the exploration of the expanding frontiers of water chemistry since 1903. Today, Waltron serves a wide range of industrial, municipal, and commercial clients as well as branches of the U.S. and other governments. We manufacture, sell and service water treatment chemicals, water quality instruments, custom designed water quality monitoring systems, instrument parts, valves, water purification equipment. and related products.

Government Contracting

Over 50 years experience supplying water treatment chemicals, equipment, and instruments to all major branches of the armed forces has enabled us to become a recognized contractor to the U.S. Government. Our ability to redesign products to meet military specifications and to administer major contracts in compliance with defense procurement regulations has qualified us to handle the military marketing requirements of major U.S. corporations. Learn more about Waltron’s Military & Government products »

Water Quality Instruments and Systems

Developed and manufactured by our Aqualert Division in Flemington, NJ, Waltron produces instruments to measure many constituents including dissolved oxygen, sodium, hydrazine, silica, hardness, phosphate, nitrate, ammonia, fluoride, turbidity, and oil contamination.

We can design and produce a centralized water quality system to monitor all of the requirements of a power plant or fabricate the enclosure for a single instrument in an adverse environment. For instructions and systems we provide complete support: technical manuals, analytical back- up, on-site training of staff, rapid response field service, and spare parts availability.

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