Waltron is a customer-focused organization dedicated to manufacture the highest-quality, lowest total cost of ownership line of instrumentation for the water quality industry. We are dedicated as a team to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.As Water Chemistry Experts, we show our commitment and dedication every day through the quality of our relationships with our Suppliers, with our Representatives, and most importantly, with our Customers. We strive to provide the most relevant water chemistry solutions for today’s concerns.Our company culture is one where ideas have full freedom for exchange and evaluation, where mistakes are corrected not punished, where outputs trump inputs, and where every individual is treated with dignity and respect as a contributing colleague. We acknowledge and correct our failures, and celebrate success together.

Among this, we strive to operate at the highest ethical standards. We will choose the harder right over the easier wrong, knowing that truly valuable relationships are always more difficult to rebuild than to maintain. We believe that it is our solemn duty to maintain our individual and collective integrity to honor the heritage of our company back to its establishment in 1903.

waltron history waltron history
Founded in 1903 by chemists Irving Bull and Alfred Roberts, Waltron has a long history of expertise in water chemistry management. The company started as an analytical and consulting laboratory in lower Manhattan in New York City – a perfect location to sample, analyze, and make recommendations for the boiler water of the many steamships that are called in to the major seaport there. In fact, our company pioneered the first modern boiler water treatment program, including the first nuclear water chemistry program on a commercial ship, and at one point had nearly half of the US merchant fleet under contract.Our expertise in drinking water also goes back to the original company, which introduced drinking water chlorination before the first American city-wide chlorination system was installed. Since then, we have been at the forefront of many related innovations, including the first successful chemical treatment of large land-based desalination plants, the first ultraviolet drinking water purifiers accepted by the US Public Health Service, the first widely used oil pollution monitor, and potable water chlorinators for military field applications.

waltron headquarters

Waltron Headquarters

waltron bv

Waltron BV

Waltron China

Waltron China
Today, the Waltron Group comprises the following entities:

Waltron Bull & Roberts, LLC (Flemington NJ): Our Group headquarters is located about mid-way between New York City and Philadelphia; here we manufacture certain water quality instruments, as well as reagents and standards for all of our products.

Waltron BV (Groningen, Netherlands): Located in northeast Netherlands, this is the site of our European Sales and Support Centre. From here, we arrange shipments of parts and supplies for customers throughout the Europe – Middle East – Africa (EMEA) Region.

Waltron Europe IVS (Søborg, Denmark): This company is a secondary sales entity for certain customers in the EMEA Region.

Waltron China (Gaobeidian, China): Located in Hebei Province, this is the new sales and support entity for Waltron customers in China.

Affiliates: Waltron has partner manufacturing operations in several European locations, including Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom. We constantly monitor and oversee the performance of these sites to ensure that they produce at the same high quality as our own location.

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